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Aesthetic and practical balustrades

In our office in Poznań, we offer stainless steel balustrades made of the highest quality materials (AISI 304/316 stainless steel). The stainless steel balustrades we produce are very stiff because the elements are welded. This also guarantees the durability of the connections, which is difficult to achieve in the case of screwed, system balustrades. Our products meet all safety requirements.

We grind or polish stainless steel. Inside buildings, we most often use a polished finish (satin, stainless steel). This is a very aesthetic solution that provides additional practical benefits because no dirt is visible, the surface is very easy to clean, and any scratches can be easily removed on your own. However, for outdoor applications, we often offer a polished or smooth version (e.g. P600) to ensure adequate resistance to weather conditions.

We powder or spray paint products made of structural steel, and protect external balustrades with anti-corrosion primer or hot-dip galvanizing.

By choosing our products, you are choosing a modern solution that will last for many years.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer:

  • Stainless steel balustrades, stainless steel balustrades
  • Balustrades made of acid-resistant steel
  • Balcony, stair, terrace and window balustrades
  • Glass balustrades
  • Balustrades with wooden elements
  • Balustrades powder coated in any color according to the RAL palette
  • Ramps and ramps for disabled people
  • Barriers
  • Wall handles
  • French balustrades 

Modern and safe stairs

Choosing the right stairs for your house or apartment is a very important decision that should be carefully considered. More and more often, stairs are not only a structural element, but also a decorative one. Stainless steel stairs ensure modernity and a unique architectural effect of the interior. Steel stairs from BaluSteel Poznań are characterized by very high durability, resistance and solid workmanship. Our products are prepared for frequent and long-term use.

The construction of metal stairs is not only practical. We can also make the products from powder-coated steel in any color. The variety of designs provides virtually unlimited possibilities. To finish the steps, we use e.g. glass, wood, stone, perforated sheets, WEMA grates, etc.

    • In our offer:
  • Stainless steel stairs
  • Stairs made of galvanized or powder-coated steel
  • Glass stairs
  • Beech or oak wooden steps, stained in any color or natural wood
  • Steps made of checkerboard or WEMA grid
  • Steel stairs, metal stairs
  • Industrial stairs
  • Spiral stairs

Aesthetic fences and sliding gates

A fence is a decorative element of particular importance. After all, the first thing each of our guests sees is the fence. It is the showcase of our home, so it is worth investing in its good quality.

BaluSteel Poznań especially recommends:

  • Wrought iron fences
  • Powder-coated steel fences
  • Stainless steel fences
  • Sliding gates (with or without automation)
  • Double-leaf gates
  • Wickets
We also offer:
  • Glass roofs
  • Steel structures
  • Sheds
  • Stainless steel furniture
  • Details made to order
  • Interior furnishings
  • Yacht fittings, railings
  • Ladders, bumpers, wall corners, window sills
  • Stainless steel plinths
  • LASER CUTTING – visit www.laser.artsteel.pl
  • Welding of stainless steel and ordinary steel,
  • Cutting steel with a band saw
  • Grinding and polishing of stainless steel
  • Bending pipes and profiles using a three-roll rolling mill
  • Pipe grinding
  • Drilling
  • Any other locksmith services.
  • Any other locksmith services
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