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Stainless steel balustrades - safety and durability

External and internal stairs, open spaces, bathrooms, windows, balconies and terraces require the use of stainless steel balustrades that are optimal in every respect. BaluSteel, as their manufacturer, offers a comprehensive offer for the implementation of such an investment project, starting from measurements, development in accordance with the design provisions, construction of the structure, and ending with its professional assembly. This guarantees not only proper mounting of the stainless steel balustrade, but also an eye-catching design and its perfect integration into the existing arrangement of the surroundings. The comfort of use and safety of household members or office workers are also important. We pay special attention to this aspect – we always make sure to maintain the appropriate technical parameters of the offered stainless steel balustrades, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

Wall handrails or stainless steel balustrades installed inside buildings are most often polished, i.e. prepared in a satin or stainless steel version. Thanks to this treatment, they look great in both modern, classic and even industrial interiors. For outdoor use, we recommend using the polished or smooth roughened version. Such structures not only delight with their appearance, but are also resistant to various weather conditions.

Durable stainless steel balustrades

Stainless steel balustrades manufactured in BaluSteel Poznań, in addition to their unique aesthetics, attractive shapes, bends and finishes (ground, polished), are characterized by high durability, which guarantees their long life even with intensive use. The steel used to build the structure, free from carbon compounds and saturated with special alloy additives, is resistant to corrosion and the adverse effects of atmospheric factors, including high temperatures. It is also resistant to some solutions, which makes it easy to keep such a stainless steel balustrade clean for a long time. Stainless steel is also resistant to significant loads. Taking into account all its advantages, ready-made handrails and other structures can be used in places with high passenger traffic (offices, galleries, institutions, offices, swimming pools, etc.). An additional advantage of their polished models is the exceptional ease of removing dirt.

We invite you to browse the gallery of stainless steel balustrade designs and choose a solution tailored to your needs. We provide all answers regarding stainless steel balustrades by phone or via the BaluSteel Poznań contact form.

Perfection of our stainless steel balustrades

At BaluSteel Poznań, we grind or polish the surface of stainless steel elements. Inside buildings, we most often use polished finishes (satin, stainless steel). This is a very aesthetic and at the same time very practical solution, because stainless balustrades do not show dirt, are easy to clean, and any scratches can be easily removed on your own. For outdoor use, we often offer polished stainless steel or smooth-grind versions to ensure adequate resistance to weather conditions.

Stainless steel balustrades - price list

  1. Balcony balustrade made entirely of stainless steel. Over 10m from PLN 480/m
  2. Balcony balustrade made entirely of stainless steel. up to 10m from PLN 530/m
  3. Stainless steel balcony balustrade + glass from PLN 650/m

Glass and glass-steel balustrades

Glass balustrades produced at BaluSteel Poznań are available in two versions: as all-glass, self-supporting ones (without posts) and in combination with stainless steel posts. We mainly use two types of glass to produce balustrades: safe glued laminated VSG or tempered laminated VSG/ESG. The edges of the glass can be ground or polished, depending on the investor’s choice.

Glass balustrades from BaluSteel Poznań are distinguished by high aesthetics, durability and modernity. The products offered by BaluSteel also have a number of other advantages:

1. They provide adequate protection for small children,

2. They do not disturb the ergonomics of the rooms

  3. They allow us to maintain a beautiful view from our balcony.

Powder coated balustrades, wooden balustrades

Powder coated balustrades


As we know, each interior is different, and each customer’s taste is different. BaluSteel Poznań specializes in the production of powder-coated balustrades, which are an excellent alternative to stainless steel balustrades. Stainless steel balustrades do not always match the structure of the building or the interior design. That’s why powder-coated balustrades are a great alternative. Through powder coating, we obtain any color from the RAL palette while maintaining the solidity and stiffness of the steel balustrade. Of course, powder-coated balustrades can also be combined with wood and glass.

Thanks to powder coating, no streaks are created on the balustrade surface, so the balustrade becomes not only a safety element but also a perfect complement to the building.

Powder coating is a safe process that does not pose a threat to the environment and does not pose a threat during its use.

For outdoor applications, we recommend hot-dip galvanizing or painting with an anti-corrosion primer as additional protection against weather conditions, such as snow, rain, low or high temperatures.

Balustrades with wood

The combination of stainless steel and wood is an interesting effect, thanks to which we can perfectly match the balustrade to the elements of the home’s decor. This type of solution is perfect as an internal balustrade.

Thanks to its unique appearance, a balustrade with wooden elements will be a perfect interior finishing touch.

BaluSteel Poznań offers several solutions for connecting balustrades with wood. Wooden elements will perfectly match both stainless steel balustrades, glass balustrades and powder-coated balustrades.

Additionally, we can stain and varnish the wood in any color, making it not only a perfect addition but also safe and durable to use.

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